The Alentejo's Coast Boutique Hotel

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The Check-In of both compounds must always be made in our reception, located on Naturarte Campo complex.

Naturarte Boutique Hotel

Estrada Municipal M532, Km 13.1
Naturarte Campo
7630-440 São Luís


Long. 8 40’ 28’’ W
Lat. 37 43’ 17’’ N

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To get into Naturarte is easy and it takes approximately only one and a half hours from the nearest airports.

Getting into Naturarte is simple. Most of the travel is on highways. You can also choose a more leisure way to get here while discovering Alentejo Coast and its amazing panoramic views.

Directions from Lisbon

By A2 – Aprox. 191 km – 2:00h

Directions from Faro

By A2 – Aprox. 155 km – 1:45h

Directions from Badajoz

By A6 – Aprox. 295 km – 2:55h

Electric Vehicles

Plan your trip and charge when you arrive.

If you have one Tesla or another electric vehicle and you are going to stay at our Boutique Hotel,  you can charge it at Naturarte Campo parking complex, completely free of charge. Please contact us so we can assist you with any doubt and reserve your spot. 

Charge your vehicle in our parking lot.


With our transfer service, you can comfortably get to Naturarte.

The chauffeur or the shuttle service will pick you up in the airport or any other location and bring you in the most comfortable cars and vans. The service can be provided in either ways.

Chauffeur - 250€

From Lisbon airport  
(max. 3 persons, one way price)

Shuttle - 350€

From Lisbon airport  
(max. 7 persons, one way price)

Other destinations on request.


Plan your trip from your location

Choose your flight and other options and check availability.

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