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Great productivity in the middle of Nature,
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Team building atmosphere

Naturarte’s facilities and features have made it an in-demand venue for corporate events. The facilities can be booked in their entirety, allowing exclusive use of the space and contributing to the cohesion of the group.


Corporate Meetings


Team Building


Promotional Events

Corporate Events


#CorporateMeetings #Promotional Events

Unique facilities & service

In our Boutique Hotel, complementary to other great spaces, we can offer a meeting room. Equipped with audio-visual aids for multimedia presentations, which can be used for different purposes: an auditorium for 40 people; meeting table for 24 people, or several adjoining spaces. Coffee breaks, buffet meals and activity programmes can be adapted to the needs of the event.

We are experienced in hosting team building activities, taking advantage of the Natural resources available on the estate.

If you need, we collaborate with professionals who are skilled at running special programmes, focus on leadership, lateral thinking and non-verbal communication.

FROM 99€

Per person, per day (min 7 People and 2 days) 

Please contact us for other options.

Contact us and book the days of your dreams

You can expect:

A private and quiet place
Exclusive personalized service
Crew empowerment environment


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