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Our Guests can expect the best horse
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From beginner to advanced horsemanship

Naturarte has stables on their land which enables our Guests to make the most of their horse riding experiences. They can also take advantage of lessons at our exclusive riding arena, even if they have never tried riding a horse.
Our horses are docile and our guides have colossal experience.


The best Riding Programs of SW Alentejo's Coast


Docile horses and professional instructors to learn how to ride


Workshops to learn leadership techniques with horses

Riding Programs

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Four Waters

An equestrian program exploring beautiful places with the element water, developed by Naturarte in partnership with Coudelaria Quinta do Almargem.

Top escape Experience.

We believe the Four Waters Program will provide an exciting adventure, exploring the freedom of the great outdoors, a glimpse on a fascinating culture with great comfort in one week riding in the wild SW of Portugal.

Four Waters Program starts from a traditional and authentic farm, where Pure Blood Lusitano horses are bred. From there we propose a different ride every day to explore what we call the Four waters – the sea, the river, the lake and a multitude of streams.

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Fantastic Guides, Amazing Tours, Beautiful Alentejo

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3/5/7 Days riding

A 3, 5 or 7 days equestrian program developed by Naturarte.

Great getaway outdoors adventure.

We believe 357 is a unique Program, combining adventure, excitement and exceptional comfort with attention to every detail in one of the last genuinely natural landscapes in Europe – within the largest Natural Park in Portugal. During this program there is a magnificent Lusitano’s horse presentation accompanied by live classical guitar in our horse arena near the pool, at Naturarte Campo.

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The Alentejo's Country Boutique hotel

Naturarte Campo

Rooms & Villas

Naturarte Rio


Riding Lessons

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From Zero to Hero

Naturarte equestrian facilities are fully on-site equipped to make the best of our Guests experiences.

Learn naturally and intuitively.

Horse Riding is a great way to get out of this fast-paced, cement-covered, cell-phone-service world even if it is for just an hour or so. Spending time with horses reduces stress and gets one’s heart and soul fit as well. Pure Blood Lusitano horses are docile and at the same time brilliant animals. If you combine this fact with the expertise of our super professional guides, by taking our classes you will quickly feel like you are already an experienced horseman.

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Docile Horses, Fantastic Guides, Great Facilities


#Leadership #NonverbalCommunication #TeamBuilding

Make the Difference in the Herd

Learn more about leadership and nonverbal communication with our horse’s workshops

Team-building & individual workshops.

‘There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.’
– Sir Winston Churchill

Well beyond the riding, our program looks through the nobility and purity of the horses to test the concepts of leadership, nonverbal communication, teaching with positive reinforcement and nonviolent communication.

The sessions with two hours are divided in three distinct parts: a small presentation, a demonstration and a practice, the later to test the concepts with the horses.

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You can expect:

Professional Instructors
Personalized Service
Riding in exclusive paths

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Our programs span from beginner to advanced horsemanship, with maximum safety and comfort.

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