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Rural tourism in the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Nature Park offers you the opportunity to explore a rich and magnificent fauna.

We have added other ingredients to the beauty of nature in order to create an unforgettable experience: gourmet meals with the creativity of Pamela Wieser, the equestrian art of the Lusitano horse, music, sun and tranquillity.

At our facilities we present a variety of works of art, including some by family members J. Silva Graça and Marta de Menezes, whose works have been exhibited internationally.

The architecture brings together the modern tradition and nature itself, including the use of local earth to build adobe walls.

We are committed to the environment. To this end we have used renewable energy, low-power electrical systems and automatic flow taps and sewage treatment in addition to seamlessly integrating the buildings with the landscape.

The landscape gardens were designed in order to maximize the use of local plants and minimize irrigation needs. This facility therefore has no room for grass, being filled instead with the fragrance of lavender and rosemary.

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