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Every Comfort in a Sustainable Way

One of our values is a commitment to upholding ecological sustainability, which is especially important given Naturarte’s location in a nature park. However, we believe that we should use the most appropriate technological solutions in order to minimize the impact on nature while preserving the comfort of the contemporary world. We have therefore had to find solutions that allow you to enjoy air conditioning and wireless internet access but with the lowest possible usage of fossil fuels. Therefore, in addition to solar panels for heating, we have two production units for photovoltaic power that take advantage of our region’s strong sunshine so as to produce electricity.

Water is another major concern, especially in Alentejo. This is why all of our landscaping uses native flora, such as lavender, which is adapted to the weather in Alentejo and minimizes water consumption. We are proud to have found fantastic solutions without resorting to grass – a plant that consumes more water and requires frequent cutting, consuming a great deal of power. We also reuse water, which is treated at our properties and partly used for irrigation.
Lastly, we provide maps, bikes and picnic baskets to share with those visiting the nature that surrounds us.

Our Commitment

We seek to undertake our activities at Naturarte by minimizing our environmental impact and benefitting from this option!

Our investment in renewable energy contributes to reducing carbon emissions and reduces our expenses: we have solar-thermal water heating* and we produce photovoltaic power.

We also treat waste water, which is partly used for irrigation. Some of the products served in our meals are produced by us, and even those which we do not produce come from farmers we know personally. There is no better way to ensure quality.

As at our grandparents’ house, fruit and vegetable leftovers are used to feed the chickens. Moreover, animals (particularly horses) produce manure that is used to compost our garden, completing the cycle.

Actually, the cycle is completed by the sun, which provides essential energy for plants to grow as well as being the main source of energy to foster our tourism. We love the sun!

* Did you know that solar thermal systems need a mechanism to release the excess temperature when it overheats? In one of our pools, this excess heat is used to heat the water.