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The project.

Naturarte was born of a dream of bringing old family properties alive. The project took shape within the family, benefitting from the qualities of each of its members with this goal in mind.

Rui Graça is an architect based in Alentejo, where he has carried out in-depth studies of the techniques and processes of traditional building. Naturarte’s architecture reflects the application of this knowledge in an innovative and surprising fashion! With a passion for equestrian art, music and the region, he is the soul of Naturarte, where he never misses the chance to share a story or a song with our dear guests.

His brother Luís, a medical doctor, university professor and scientist, was living in England and Australia when the design and construction were taking place. He is now based in Lisbon, where he contributes more directly to the Naturarte concept, which goes far beyond the actual construction.

Their parents are José Manuel, a civil engineer, and Maria Manuela, a vet. Both are passionate about their region and have made their mark on the engineering project and on all the little details that make daily life at Naturarte a constant discovery.

Luís’s wife is the artist Marta de Menezes, who has taught at several universities in the United States and Europe and exhibited her work at museums all over the world. She created several of the works that are on display at Naturarte.

Rui’s wife Pamela is passionate about gastronomy and riding and is an expert in non-verbal communication with horses.

Manuel, Leonor, Luís and Pedro the newest members of this family, play an extremely important role in testing all the recreational activities available.