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Unforgettable experiences at Naturarte – The 2th of July


In partnership with the promising producer of the Volte-Face wine, Teresa Dias Metellus, Naturarte is organising a dinner with wine tasting. The selection of wines it will be in accordance with the flavors of the dinner. The dinner it’s going to be with the best products of the Alentejo region.

The social gathering after the dinner will feature a traditional fado time to complete the spirit of a single night, and the environment provided by the tasting experiences of the fragrances and the flavours of the selected wines in conjunction with the foods made especially for this dinner.

Appetizer ++++++++++++++++++++
Prawns with concantalupo

First course ++++++++++++++++++++
Naturarte soup – Cold, if the day is hot or warm if the day is not too hot 

Second course ++++++++++++++++++++
Strudel of Black pig of the region with chestnuts

Dessert ++++++++++++++++++++
Nougat mousse with raspberry

Come and discover the Wonderland

Enjoy the weekend exploring the natural beauty offered by this region. Here you will find the perfect balance to enjoy your holiday in total harmony with nature. And, with the sunset, you’ll have the opportunity to recharge batteries tasting the flavours and the wines of this magnificent region.

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