Naturarte Country Boutique Hotel Cocktails


Two of our friends decided to leave the hustle and bustle to find their self in Nature. We helped them discover the pleasure of Slow Living. This is their first person testimony.

Wednesday, I was working late in the office closing a study for my boss to present at the next week’s board meeting. If I didn’t close it by Friday I would spend all my weekend working on it. Suddenly the phone rang: it was my friend inviting me to spend the weekend at an hotel in Alentejo.

Seriously that was the last thing I needed to worry then. And on top of it a weekend in the middle of the countryside! Really? I even asked her if we could change it for a weekend in Madrid or Milan! She replied that everything was already scheduled. I remember asking if there was a city with social life nearby (she knows I like excitement, shops, bars). She said that this was a different kind of program. I surrendered and finally asked her if at least they  had wifi… she laughed and hung up.

Eventually I met my deadline on Friday and on Saturday morning we were already driving down the highway. Some kilometers ahead I noticed the signs indicating Vila Nova de Milfontes. I didn’t want to discourage my friend but I was wondering what kind of excitement would two young women find in the middle of the Vicentina Coast?

It was near the village of São Luís that we entered an estate called Naturarte Campo. It was a very beautiful place and there was a warm welcome. We left our bags in our room and one of the owners, mr. Rui Graça, took us for a drive along the many paths of the estate, showing us where food that is served in Naturarte grows. We passed through beautiful landscapes but I kept thinking that there was no way I would find a wifi connection. Finally we stopped and started setting up the picnic.

The scenery, the silence, the tastes and the smells of the countryside, everything seemed new and surprising, but a good surprise. That’s living Nature’s rhythm! Suddenly I forgot about wifi and social media and felt like I was in one of those instagram photos. Only it was not a photo; it was reality. The wonderful lunch, the flavors… every detail showed the care with which all was prepared for us. Everything seemed like a dream. I never thought all this could make me feel this way! Time flew by and suddenly it was time to return to the hotel.

The following day there was a presentation by the pool of the Lusitano horse. While doing the presentation they served wonderful gin & tonic. I had no idea how much there is to know about this Portuguese horse breed. And they showed everything in detail. I still had the opportunity to try horseback riding, which I had never done before. I promise: I am going to take some lessons, because I want to come back and go horseback riding on the beach. They have these amazing programs!

In the end we said goodbye to that wonderful team that looked more like family.

Oh, I forgot, as for the wifi, yes, they say they have it, but I didn’t even check it…

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