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In Naturarte we are passionate about horses.

Our arena has as its fundamental principle the love for animals. The horses are kept in conditions of space and freedom for its balance and wellness. Are worked daily with exclusively positive stimuli.
Rui and Pamela like to convey their passion for horses doing presentations Thoroughbred Lusitano, usually seasoned with classical guitar played live. They are thus seeking to demonstrate the beauty and expressiveness of our fabulous race.
For anyone even without any practice riding, who wants to enjoy the sensations that the horses and the surrounding nature transmit, we promote year-round tours and lessons in the ring. To this end we have two ponies and five horses trained to do the delights of children and adults. It is also possible to have sessions or courses of “classical dressage” and “natural horsemanship” in horses presenting with an official Portuguese Equestrian Federation riding monitor.
The month of January is dedicated to the horse. During this month every Sunday there will be a presentation of our Thoroughbred Lusitano, after breakfast, and all children will have an experience riding included in the value of the accommodation.