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on 2015-06-18 PROMOTIONS with 0 comments

Naturarte is pleased to announce that the Irish band Beltane will perform its annual concert at Naturarte-Campo on Saturday 20 June, following a buffet dinner conceived and arranged for the event by resident chef Pamela Wieser.

Prior to the dinner, cocktails will be served in the late afternoon around the “mutant tree” to commemorate both the anniversary of this sculpture’s inauguration in 2013 and the arrival of summer.

If an informal, all-ages family setting is what you are looking for, featuring a contrast of lively jigs and reels and melancholic Irish ballads, then this night is for you!

On Sunday morning, 21 June, we will round out a weekend of art and inspiration with a live concert performed by our very own Puro-Sangue-Lusitano, accompanied by guitar, violin and percussion.

Beltane is comprised of:

  • Sofia Castro: Voice and percussion.
  • Teresa Ledo: Accordion.
  • Rui Graça: Guitar.
  • Rui Ramos: Percussion.
  • Ricardo Ramos: Voice and violin.


Beltane is an Irish-inspired Portuguese band that has been playing for more than 15 years, including in some of the most important venues in Portugal, such as the Queima das Fitas de Faro festival, Centro Cultural de Belém, and the Andanças festival. The band has also spent time in Ireland, participating in various jam sessions that have received enthusiastic mentions. Due to the busy professional careers of its members, the band now plays only on special occasions, its performance at Naturarte being an annual event.