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Surrounding area Nature, Beaches and Flavours

In this region you will find a rich history stretching back many centuries. You can visit the Roman ruins, of which the bestpreserved examples are the Miróbriga ruins, near Santiago do Cacém, as well as the Filipino fortresses in Vila Nova de Milfontes and Pessegueiro Island, which were built in the early seventeenth century to defend the country against pirates.
On the river Mira, some tidal mills are still well preserved. The one that is easiest to access is Asneira Mill, near Naturarte-Rio.
Near Naturarte-Campo there are several windmills that are still working, one of which can be seen from the swimming pool. It is also possible to buy flour from the miller.
A few kilometres away from Naturarte-Rio stands a beautiful and recently restored harbour for traditional fishing: the small harbour of Lapa de Pombas, near the wonderful Almograve beach.
The traditional villages in the vicinity are also worth a visit, particularly São Luís, which is a short walk from Naturarte-Campo.
Last but not least, you should definitely take the opportunity to see the newly opened Sines Arts Centre. Its architecture alone justifies a visit, although you can also use the occasion to experience the exhibitions. Children will love the library!

Surrounding Area

  • Vila Nova de Milfontes
  • River Mira
  • São Luís
  • Santiago do Cacém
  • Sines