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Between the Sun and the Ocean

The Alentejo coast, where the vast plains meet the ocean, is the ideal place to find the fruits of the soil combined with those of the sea. You can therefore take great pleasure in discovering every kind of delicacy, created from ingredients grown in the earth or caught from the sea, always served with good traditional bread.

Perceves (a type of mollusc) and clams
When it comes to regional seafood, perceves and clams stand out. Both are wild and have an unmistakable taste of the ocean.

Fresh fish
Our region is known for its fresh fish-based dishes, including grilled fish or fish served with olive oil, garlic and coriander sauce – a local specialty. You should also take the opportunity to taste raia de alhada – ray and garlic – and polvo assado no forno – oven-roasted octopus.

Black pork
Meat can also be found in the local cuisine, from the inevitable black pork found in the famous dish carne de porco à alentejana to the magnificent and succulent steaks made from the limousine bullock.

For the people of Alentejo, no table is complete without bread. And the region’s traditional bread is indeed extraordinary. Many bakeries bake bread on a daily basis in a fierce competition to produce the best.

Delicacies (petiscos)
These are always served with traditional bread and are real gastronomic experiences which have been improved from generation to generation. At Naturarte, we also like to create variations of some of the local delicacies. Don’t miss them!

Sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes grown in the sandy soil of the heathland by the river Mira are served boiled, fried or roasted as a garnish for some main courses. They are not only the best sweet potatoes in the country but also the best in the world!

Alentejo wines
Alentejo wines go perfectly together with the magnificent delicacies of the region, although they are generally produced further inland.

Jam and honey
Homemade jam and good quality local honey can easily be found in various shops and markets.