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And the Good Life

The river Mira dominates the region. It is possible to take a tour up the river in little local boats similar to trawlers or fishing boats, starting in Vila Nova de Milfontes and going all the way to Odemira (about 30km).

On this winding tour of the river, you will observe the change in vegetation along the shore, the remains of the old patterns of agricultural economy, and the tidal mills, of which only two or three remain in a reasonable state of preservation.

You will also notice the decreasing salinity of the water, the rise in the temperature and, near Odemira, the freshwater turtles living by the river banks, hiding in cane plantations.

In the parish of São Luís it is possible to find very well-preserved windmills. These still produce maize and wheat flour which you can buy in small quantities from the miller.

On the outskirts of São Luís, the hilltops of the Serra do Cercal offer spectacular views of the region with the ocean in the background.
Nearly 20km further south, the Sardão cape is home to a great lighthouse (the “farol Cavaleiro”), which calls for a visit to observe the coast, the osprey nests, and, along the same route, the impressive maritime inlet of “Lapa das Pombas”, with its small and rudimentary fishing port.

Places to visit

  • Quintas Windmill
  • Mountains of the Serra do Chaparrinho
  • Mountains of the Serra do Penedo
  • Mountains of the Serra de São Domingos
  • Sardão Cape
  • Lapa das Pombas